Diploma & Certificate Courses

Two year diploma course, One year diploma course, Six month certificate course, Three Month Course
 Hobby Courses, Paintings, Applied Art, Print Making, Sculpture, Art & Craft Kids Special +5
Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A), Jamiya Art College, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
National Institute of Design (NID), National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), Pearl
Basic Sketching
Pencil Shading, Free Hand Drawing, Still Life, Hobby Courses, Animals/Birds Study, Portraits, Live Drawing
Anatomy study
Oil Paintins, Acrylic Painting, Poster Colour Painting, Water Colour Painting, Texture Painting, CharcoalShading
Oil Pestle, Soft Pestle, Composition, Creative Painting, Pencil colors, Pen & Ink, Nature Study, Glass Painting
Warli Style Painting, Miniature Painting, Madhubani Painting, Tanjore Painting, Mughal Art, Kalamkari Painting
Applied Art
 Caricature, Cartoon Drawing, Illustrations, Poster Making, Animation Drawing, Perspective, Story Board
Print Making
Woodcut Print, Linocut Print, Serigraphy Print, Stencil Print
Wall Painting
Mosaic, Graffiti art, Calligraphy
P.O.P Modeling, Wax Modeling, Clay Modeling
Art & Craft Kids Special +5
Basic Sketching, Shapes 3.Paper craft, Card Making, Paper Quelling, Collage Making, Photo frame, Soft clay
Candle making
We provide
Oil paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Wall painting, Graffiti art, Illustration, Portraits, Sculptures

“Leading you on to Right Trail”
An Academy of spoke English
English is not just a language It is an smart way, to build up your career

1. An complete transparency
2. 101% Regd. with Government of N.C.T of Delhi 
3. Life time membership
4 Well Trained faculties
5. Easy to understand Learning
6. Teaching refers in both languages Hindi & English Respectively
7. At an affordable fee-structure
8. Free stationery
9. Learner can enroll from 10 to 40 years of age
10. No hassle of monthly paying
Learning contains:-
1. Initial elements of a sentence
2. Types of sentences
3. Question forms regarding W.H. family
4. Numbers
5. Verb to be
6. Preposition
7. Verb to have
8. How to describe present & past together
9. Use of Since & For
10. Introductory It & there
11. Qualifiers
1. Tenses + Passive voice
2. Auxiliary + Passive voice
3. Words Describe to numbers & Quantity
4. Question Tag
5. Combination of sentences
6. Conditional sentences
7. Infinitive to with verb to have
8. Infinitive to with verb to be
1. Drama session
2. Topics explanations
3. Factual descriptions
4. Presentational session
5. Questioning session
6. Word description
7. Group mooting
8. How to express “the time frame has gone”
Spoken English
1. Sort of conversation
2. Translationess communication
3. Understanding of slang terms & phrases
4. How to deal with a native speaker
5. American culture
6. Successful techniques to mind English movies and songs
7. Misconceptions about spoken English
8. Body language an outstanding tool
9. What is Accent
10. Mind an interviewer


Subjective Tuition:- Mathematics, English, Social Science, Hindi, Spoken English, History,, Science, Economics, Geography etc..